Cancer can be created from emotional trauma...
I’m a freelance writer and video producer based in London. I mostly write about how people are affected by technology, but I’ve been known to write a bit about fashion, travel and art too.
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Whenever a woman gives birth people focus on the baby and mother and assume that the father is okay. After all, he didn’t push three kilos of human out of his hoo-ha and neither did he move from one warm world to another cold one within hours or even minutes, right? All that may indeed be true but has he remained unaffected by all of that?
Do you desperately seek to gain financial independence? But you don't know how? With bills piled to the sky and debt to overcome, how do you plan to climb back out to achieve financial independence? I found a way and I'm sharing it with you in this article. Since I know your time is valuable - this is for people who want to work a home based busin
Michael DelMonico loves working with families, individuals, and small business owners with professional financial services, and is passionate about teaching his clients how to insure themselves and build a debt-free, tax-efficient retirement.
The coming up with of a house is a time-consuming activity, and may end up being more complicated than handle high traffic areas.
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